Today I have a “busy actor day,” as I like to call them. I have three auditions before noon. Which is great, but two of them are at the exact same time (10:30) in different locations (Hollywood and Santa Monica) and then another one an hour later in North Hollywood. And, by the way, I’m supposed to be at my day job in Burbank at that time. Hmmm, how does that work, you wonder? IT DOESN’T. I have finally, and I mean FINALLY, accepted that I am human and that I cannot be 3 places at once. I can’t even be two. Although God knows, I have tried. So I’ll just do my best. So here is what I do: I get to the Hollywood audition 30 minutes early, hope to get in fast and then haul it to Santa Monica and get there by 10:45. Then haul it to North Hollywood and hope to get there by 11:45 and then toddle over to Burbank and be there by 12:30. Is this possible? Yes. Is it probable? No. YAY!

I am on avail for a commercial right now that shoots next week. That means that the client (a Beer company) has “checked my availability.” They have put me on avail for 5 days next week (Tuesday-Saturday) but will probably only use one of those days, I suspect. Meanwhile, I’m not officially booked so there is no money involved, but I need to keep those days free just in case. I do hope it happens. I’ll keep you posted.

And now, showertimes.