(in no particular order)
1. Shannon
2. The weather
3. iO West
4. Marie et Cie
5. The feeling of walking on a Studio Lot for an audition
6. Silverlake Wine
7. The Bookclub Ladies
8. That rush of hope when I see the Hollywood sign
9. Gillian
10. The Trophy Wives
11. Morning Movies
12. Knowing I could go to the beach any day even though I don’t.
13. Game nights
14. Karen, DBI, Brooke, Marypat, Mike and Thomas
15. Bruce and the Kids
16. The Canon Theatre
17. all the theatre I have done here (The Bed, The Women, Displays of Affection, Blue Window and my own show)
18. Fresno times
19. walking down Melrose in 1998 when I first moved into the Poinsettia bungalow.
20. French Dinner Parties
21. My cats (Wait, they’re coming with me! MEOW!)
22. Being close to my extended family up in Oakland
23. Disneyland
24. The Weather
25. Shannon