25 Things I will not miss about my life in Los Angeles:
(In no particular order)

1. The 405, 5, 101, 110, 134, 2, 210, or 10. Or any combination of those. Will I miss the 170? Maybe a teeny bit.
2. Conversations about how long it “may” take to get somewhere
3. Obvious boob jobs
4. That guy who mugged me in 1998
5. A perfectly planned day being hijacked by a last-minute audition
6. Parking in Hollywood
8. Ridiculously high gas prices (and Real Estate prices, sheesh)
9. Skinny jeans on guys
10. Always feeling a little fat
11. Those movies at the cemetery. Fun at first, but then just too much.
12. Being married to my cellphone
13. Seeing that sassy black lady get all the commercials I audition for
14. The pressure to be at 2 (or 3) different auditions at the same time, even though there might be 20 miles between them.
15. That line outside Aroma. ALL THE TIME.
16. The Grove. Fun at first, but then just too much.
17. The Strip.
18. Certain Phrases
a) “Who is your representation?”
b) “Well, don’t get your hopes up.”
c) “Can you take my stuff into your agent?”
d) “We have a client similar to you on our roster.”
e) “You’ll never know why you didn’t get that job so don’t take it personally.”
f) “Have you tried eHarmony?”
19. Asking someone how much money they made on a job being perfectly normal.
20. Hollywood & Highland
21. Those damn unpredictable photo stoplights in West Hollywood.
22. Huge amounts of sap on my car.
23. No seasons.
24. My year at UCLA.
25. That homeless guy on Sunset and Vine who always tells me he’s a student at UCLA and could he have bus fare to get back to Westwood. Fun at first, but then just too much.