I had a very busy weekend but it was lovely. I spent the weekend with Shannon. I love her. Shannon and I have been taking some wonderful classes on men. This is not a joke, people. The initial focus is men, but the Big Picture is relationships. Not just romantic ones, but any kind where a man and a woman interact and there might be the potential for a communication breakdown. Which seems to be fairly often. We are just seriously so different, you guys! I know it sounds like I’m about to launch into a tight five at the Comedy Store, but I’m not. We went to a hotel conference room near LAX and for two days learned many fantastic things about menfolk. This weekend’s emphasis was on Sex, but again, it really ends up being more about communication.
The Bud Light shoot went really well. It was so much fun. But I didn’t have to take my clothes off like all the men did. They all had to wear flesh-colored thongs for much of the day. By hour three, no one seemed to care any more. It’s funny how adaptable we are. The titillation wore off and we were all just actors sitting around reading and talking about craft service and how much the internet sucks.
The following day I had an audition for “Supernatural.” It was a really nice role. Would have worked up in Vancouver for several days. I say “would have” because I am certain I would have heard about a callback at this point. I was auditioning for the role of a woman who is possessed by a demon. I was nervous about it because there were quite a few physical hexing and spell-casting moments in the sides which were accompanied by exclamations of demon-like proportions. I knew I would be auditioning in an office where the people in the waiting room (and rest of the office) could hear. When I got there and that turned out to be true, I was extremely anxious and clammy. I also seemed to be about 10 years older than the other girls I saw. But I went into that room and gave it my demonic all. Afterward, the casting director kindly said, “Nice. Very committed.” He may have been referring to my sweaty armpits, but no matter, I took it as a compliment. Then I went to my day job in Burbank for a couple of hours and then I hightailed it out to Santa Monica for a McDonald’s callback. I had it in my mind that I was supposed to be there at 2:30pm. So I got into my car at 1:45 only to realize I was supposed to be there at 2pm. Oops. Burbank to Santa Monica (finding parking) in 15 minutes. Unlikely. Even if I believed Yahoo maps. So I drove as fast as the 405 would permit (21mph) and got there late. Ran up, out of breath, directly into the room because they were waiting for me, slated, sat down in a chair next to 3 others, acted like I was texting for 10 seconds (that WAS the audition), and left, got back on the 405 (36mph) and landed safely in the Valley just in time for cocktail hour at my apartment. HOLLYWOOD!
Friday night were the Del Close Awards at iO West. It’s basically like our Oscars. Everyone dresses up (I even had my hair done) and then we all go down there and oooh and ahhh at how great everyone looks. Which isn’t difficult because everyone looks GREAT. I was given the Grace Award. It’s for dedication to the theatre. I didn’t know about it and I cried. I love that place and I really will miss it (and the people) when I go.

Today? No auditions. And I’m glad……that must mean something, right?