Oh my God, you guys! Things have totally taken a turn for the exciting. And disorienting. I just looked back and I hadn’t even written about the situation I’m about to write about. So here is a BRIEF catch-up. On Tuesday of last week, I had an audition down at Sony in Culver City. One of the things I really appreciate about my time here is that I now know several of the studio lots pretty well. Sony is where I shot “Fun with Dick and Jane” and I was there a week, and even though that was years ago, I still know it. There are these nice benches near the entrance on Madison and I sat there in the shade because I was very early. I watched families go by on the walking tours and I thought, “they have no idea that the REAL Hollywood is sitting here on this bench going over her sides and thinking about traffic.” Anyway, my audition was for “The Green Hornet.” All I knew is that it was a movie. I did my one scene as the Terrified Servant. They put me on tape, I got back on the freeway and that was that. Cut to Friday: I booked it! My role is now called The Maid. And I got two days of shooting. The first is September 16th and the second is….NOVEMBER 18TH. But wait, Irene! Aren’t you moving October 14th? Well, after about 10 minutes of panic and mental temper tantruming, the answer is no. I will stay here for 5 more weeks and hopefully work more than just those 2 days. To recap, the movie is called “The Green Hornet,” my scene is with Seth Rogen and the director is Michel Gondry. But wait, Irene! Don’t you love all things Français? You bet your sweet eclair, I do. So maybe I will be able to pratiquer mon français on the set avec Monsieur Gondry, non? OUI.