I just came home from doing my Morning Pages (yes, I am doing Walking in this World– another part of The Artist’s Way) and I had a Fed Ex at my door. It is my sides for The Green Hornet. I guess I don’t get the full script. Which is totally fine because that would be a waste of paper. My sides are the same ones with which I auditioned with a notable exception: these have a HUGE watermark of IRENE WHITE across each page. I guess if I decided to scan them in and put them online, that watermark would be a small clue as to whence they came.
I had my fitting on Thursday. I drove down to Sony in Culver City and wandered around in the Tennessee Williams-ish heat until I found some nice gents who told me where the Barrymore building was. Ordinarily, you get a map when you park, but the guard was out of them and his directions to me were as follows, “Go up here straight until you get to that one street. Go left, I think, until it ends and then you should run into it. If not, I’m not sure.” Gee, thanks, buddy. The wardrobe people were really nice to me even though I had trouble getting my jeans off because they were sticking to my thighs. I had to peel them off as if there were latex. Gross. Even grosser trying to get back into them. Ugh. Anyway, I’m wearing a typical maid outfit. Nothing flashy. The biggest discussion was about whether or not I should wear a “bibbed apron or just a half apron.” In the end it was decided that the bibbed apron make me look to “Cook-y.” I agreed but kept my opinion to myself.
Last night Mara had a fantastic party for me at her place in Van Nuys. I love her house. And the folks who came to the party. It was a mishmash of people from different parts of my life but as far as I know, no fights broke out. The weather was really nice, too. Which is saying a lot because recently it has been nothing short of hellish here. I say that based on all I have heard about hell. I imagine it is a muggy place with a lot of traffic and people who think highly of themselves and that is what Los Angeles has been like for the better part of a month. But last night was a gorgeous exception!
This weekend is full of possibility because I don’t have that much on my agenda. And I like it that way.