I just wrote a new post and then in my excitement I deleted it into the internet ether. I may never be able to recapture that glory, but here goes.

Basically, as my personal life is winding down here in ye olde Los Angeles, my professional life is winding up. I have been auditioning more than just about ever before and I have been getting callbacks and producer calls. I had three producer call (a callback where the producers are present) in a week and a half. They were for the shows Rita Rocks, Rules of Engagement and Desperate Housewives. I didn’t get any of them, but it gave me the chance to be on three Studio Lots in quick succession. I got to go to CBS Radford, Sony and Universal. At all of these lots, I have pleasant working memories, so that was really nice for me. Studio lots are one of the things that I will definitely miss about being here. There’s such excitement, energy, pressured dreams and hurried people running around together. It’s a lot like New York City. Except that there are no homeless people and golf carts replace cabs as the vehicle that might hit you. I’ve also had 3 commercial avails (the step beyond a callback where they are , in theory, deciding between you and another person for the role.) One I did not get, but two of them I did actually book! I shoot them both next week. I think I must have an air of “What up, jerks?” when I enter the room to audition. Maybe I should try that with dating. But seriously, folks, I think I have an air of, “Hi there. My mind is in another city and…what? You want me to take off my clothes and just wear my pantyhose? Sure. That’s fine. Oh, and here’s my headshot.” Maybe I should try that with dating.
I’ve been doing SORTING. Some of it is only mental. I’ll walk around my place and think, “um, I don’t need to take that. I’ll sell that. And that goes in the dumpster.” But some of it is real sorting. I went through my CDs the other night. I have a bag of them that I will take over to Amoeba. Does anyone need 3 copies of Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits? I didn’t think so. I gave my notice at my apartment. It was giving me agita. Not actual heartburn, but just general upset. Once I did it, I felt so free. So free, in fact, that I started crying. So that happened, as my friend Alex likes to say. I’m trying to go with the flow and not judge it. I guess it’s natural….What? You need me to change my entire life and stand in the middle of the living room weeping while my cats look on dispassionately? Sure. That’s fine. Oh, and here’s my headshot.