Well, I made it. To Austin, that is. I’m doing okay. That’s about it. Okay. I’m extremely exhausted and I’m living out of suitcases and bags until my furniture and stuff gets here later in the week. The trip here was uneventful. Oh wait, no it wasn’t. My mom and I did a 360 on the icy freeway outside of Van Horn, Texas and ended up in a ditch. I started crying. My mom called AAA. The cats slept. We ended up staying an extra night in Van Horn. Population: 1 Dairy Queen, 1 Ramada and a stoplight. Car is fine, mom is fine, daughter is fine, thanks to the Sheriff of Culberson County.

Last night was my first night in my new place. I was sleeping on a “very comfortable” air mattress in the middle of the living room. I put my head on the pillow and immediately started tearing up. That fairly quickly turned into full-fledged crying.
I cried:
-because an air mattress is never comfortable no matter what it says on the box
-because I’m not sure what I have done
-because you can get lost, no matter how small the city is
-because everyone has been SO KIND to me
-because Southern Hospitality is a reality
-because although I found some comfort in Target, it’s not the North Hollywood Target. That one MADE SENSE to me
-because it took me 35 minutes to find Saran wrap in my new grocery store
-because I have a new grocery store
-because I have SO much work ahead of me- in so many facets
-because I thought that Leaving Los Angeles would be the hard part and now it seems that Arriving in Austin will be
-because I don’t have internet until Friday so I have to go to Whole Foods to use their WiFi
-because the guy who had the apartment before me was not as good a tenant as me and he didn’t leave the mail key and I had to call a locksmith to put a new lock in
– because Austin is not a grid. These streets make no sense!
-because I’m not sure who I am without the direction of being an unsatisfied actress
-because Happy may take a little/lot more work than I thought it would
-because I miss my friends so much
-because I’m crying
-because my cat George keeps getting locked in cabinets and then I can’t find him.
-because my cat Georgie keeps falling off of things because of her epilepsy medication
-because of the amount of breaded foods I have eaten the past 5 days
-because my mom and I weren’t hurt in that icy accident.
-because I’m afraid I’ve made a mistake.

Now, I’ve only been here 48 hours and when I was feeling all that, I had been here 24. And truthfully, all of it boils down to the last one. So, if you are one of the people who thought this idea of mine was crazy, please don’t tell me to come back to Los Angeles. Right now I simply won’t be able to take it. I just have to live it out somehow.

I auditioned tonight for a production of “Our Town.” That seems like a start. I just don’t know where “My Town” is right now.

PS. “The Doubtful Guests” are a great improv show that I saw in Los Angeles. I don’t know if they still perform. I saw them at Bang.