First of all, a cat update: My kitty is not dying. After having some mouth surgery on Friday, she is doing much better. She’s even eating! It’s such a relief. Even my mom said, “you sounded so DEPRESSED!” My mother is not a cat person at all. Until recently, she referred to my cat as “the creature” or “the animal.” The last time she was here George jumped on her lap and she continued her conversation with me with her hands in the air until he got the hint and jumped off.

I’ve had a few realizations while I’ve been here. I was driving up Congress last week in the evening to go to Happy Hour for my friend Emily’s birthday, and as I saw the Capitol, I got a rush like I was seeing the Hollywood Sign. It was beautiful and majestic and regal. It took my breath away. And I thought, ” I LIVE here.” And I was relieved.

I feel that there are MORE different opportunities for happiness here than there were for me in Los Angeles. I think that there, my only road to contentment would be through professional success. And who even knows what that means? I actually HAD professional success there and I wasn’t happy. But HERE, there are so many more roads to take. I think I don’t even know the map yet. I still have to find a job, but I’m not worried about it. It may take some time, but you know what? That’s a-okay with me. You know that Beatles’ song, “Getting Better”? That’s what I’m all about at the moment.

On Sunday night, I went to see some shows at Coldtowne with Graham and Darcy. I really enjoyed myself. It’s an improv theatre with tremendous spirit. It’s BYOB, there are sofas and laughter and support and everyone really seems to enjoy each other and the art of Improvisation. It made me happy to be there. It had a very “Austin” feel to it. I don’t really know how to define that. But basically, it’s pretty damn cool. And I was relieved.

I’m going to register for a French class at the Alliance Français d’Austin right after the New Year and I also joined the French Meetup here. C’est magnefique. People here are happy to be here. It’s not a stop on the way to something Bigger and Better. And therefore, je suis très heureuse! And relieved. Joyeux Nöel et Bonne Année!