Everyone here calls me ma’am. At first, I thought that I had suddenly aged. But then I realized that EVERYONE calls me ma’am. Even the old lady next to me waiting to cross the street. It’s a Southern custom I had forgotten about.

Finding a job has become a bit of a challenge. I haven’t been in the “Work Force” in many years and the whole process for getting a job has changed radically since the last time I was here. Now, for many jobs, you apply online. And upload a resume and references and letter of interest. My interest is in getting a job. The upside to this procedure is the saving of trees and gas and time, since I can do it from home. The disadvantage is that nobody gets to see my smiling face as I drop off that application. Also, I would get out of the house. I actually went to one of the places I had applied online to actually drop off a resume and the girl I spoke with said that there was no one to give my resume to and that all hiring was done from the online submissions. I really think that employers are doing themselves a disservice. You gain a lot of information from someone in person. Like whether or not they are CRAZY. Also, my business resume is not too impressive. There is a fairly large gap in my work history because I was supporting myself as an actress. I’m not sure how audition skills translate. “well, if you give me some sides, I can memorize them really quickly, you can film me performing them without any props and then I can leave.”

I have become obsessed with two things: recyclable grocery bags and Zumba. Almost every time I go to the grocery store, I buy more recyclable bags because I am embarrassed that I forgot the ones I bought the last time. I now have 14 recyclable bags. I used to have this obsession with recyclable travel mugs. The bags are much cheaper. And ZUMBA. You guys, it’s so wonderful. I do it at the YMCA that I joined. Seriously, if you like So You Think You Can Dance then I say So You Think You Can Zumba. It’s a workout and I feel absolutely sexy and sweaty when I’m done. I even bought Zumba shoes. I’m that serious about it. If only they had recycled ones, ma’am.