My new life continues. Not a whole lot to report. I have found it surprisingly difficult to find a job here. I had a fairly unrealistic understanding of what the job market is. I have been out of it for so long. Well, I wasn’t so much OUT of it as I was in a different part of it. A part that required me to tote around large photos of myself wherever I went and dress “nice casual.” I had thought that I would be able to find SOME sort of job easily. That simply has not been the case. Most places are not hiring. End of story. BUT, I did get offered a part-time job with a nationally recognized weight loss company. I’ll give you more details when it’s all confirmed. In any case, I’m happy about it and it’s the start of something! I will be volunteering for South by Southwest (SXSW, we call it here…..) for the festival. The thing I’m most excited about is that I’ll get to wear a badge with my photo on it around my neck and look super official.

I don’t really care for my French class all that much. I can’t even really pinpoint what’s wrong, but it’s not gelling with me. I don’t know how to say that in French.

I’m out of the habit of seeing what the weather is going to be like daily. Los Angeles was so often “light sweater, jeans and flip flop” weather. That explains why I have been caught outside without an umbrella when it’s raining, without a heavy coat when it’s 29º and then wearing that heavy coat when it’s 61º. I’ve made big changes and the weather is seeing me on those changes and raising.

The other night I went out with some of the ColdTowne folks after I taught. We went to a place called The Grand: A Social Club. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? It’s a pool hall where women were definitely in the minority and UT garb is the majority. I had a beer and listened to a fairly intense conversation about whether or not Sondra Locke ruined Clint Eastwood’s films.

The traffic here is not nearly as bad in general as Los Angeles, but I’m going to say that the natives were right about one thing in particular: I-35 is TERRIBLE between the hours of 4:30PM and 7PM. The freeway is simply too small for the amount of cars on it. At one point, it’s TWO lanes. And the on ramps are, I’m not kidding you here, 20 feet. Somebody better let you in or you are going to run into the wall if you have any speed built up at all. But you probably don’t because you were only going 5MPH because the person in front of you is hedging about taking the freeway or the access road. Nobody here honks either. The other day I honked at someone on Barton Springs (the light was GREEN- why are you sitting there?) and I swear to you, everyone from every lane and every building and every Whataburger looked at me like I had just said that the North had won the Civil War. People, the light was GREEN.

My water pressure is lower here than I’m used to. That’s a fascinating observation, no? What a bore! Seriously, I just bored myself with that sentence. I can’t decide if I’ll edit it or leave it in. You know who else is boring? Lily and Cane on the “Young and the Restless.” They are SO BORING! I get it: she has cancer, can’t have a baby and her “chemo friend” Harry (a hammy actor who was on twice- just twice!) died. Yes, he’s Australian, lied to her about his identity and needs to wash his hair. Who CARES? Go back to Sydney, take your boring child bride and be boring there. Stop clogging up Genoa City. I am honking at both of you right now. HONKHONK. Move it!!! The light is GREEN!!!!!

Man, I’m going to be GREAT at SXSW.