My car debacle turned into a car triumph. My insurance bought my car from me for FAR more than I would have gotten in a normal trade in and with a little help from my parents I was able to get a 2008 Prius. I love it. LOVE IT. It’s the same color scheme as my old one (so it feels familiar), but it has more features and stuff on it with a lot fewer miles. It even still has warranty left. So that is super duper. The best outcome. I know people are saying things about Toyota right now, but I really love Toyotas. This is my second and I would still buy another one. I’m not going to get all political or conspiracy-y on you right now, because frankly, I am the least political person you know and I’m going on intuition here, but I think something is afoot. There’s more than meets the eye in this sad situation and I think it involves more than Toyota. Every year there has to be some sort of hysteria (SARS? Bird Flu? Y2K, anyone?), and this year Toyota got stuck with it. I feel for them. All I can do is drive my Prius with pride, confidence and happiness.

Once again, I have to mention the weather. Eventually, this fascination will end. Recently, I realized that having been in Los Angeles for so long, I had become desensitized to beautiful days. You know how they say that kids can watch a bunch of violence now and it doesn’t faze them? That’s how I was in relation to pleasant 72º days. The didn’t faze me. I could nap through them without a second thought in the same way that a teenager can kill or maim someone and then go back to checking Facebook. Now, things are different. My internal weather clock has been reset. Yesterday was GORGEOUS. It was a Spring day unlike one I had ever seen, I felt. I got out and took a walk, as did the rest of the city. I spread my arms out and let the breeze hug me. I looked up at the sky and let that sunshine kiss me on the cheeks. It was glorious. I know it’s going to get hot (VERY HOT) but yesterday, I didn’t care. I just wanted to feel all that Springtime in my blood. And the best part? The BLUEBONNETS ARE COMING!!!!!

South by Southwest, (hereby referred to as SXSW) started this week. I am volunteering at the main registration table. On Wednesday night we had a mandatory bag stuffing. I had more fun than should have. Part of it was looking at all the weirdos. Boy, there were a lot of them. I have heard people worry that the unofficial slogan of Austin, “Keep Austin Weird,” is coming undone. Those people were obviously not at Bag Stuffing. Believe me, Austin, you got nuthin’ to worry about. Bald, sweaty man in roller skates and teeny tiny shorts? Check. Young woman with fuschia hair and tattoo sleeve? Check. Tallest man I have ever seen wearing rainbow tie-dye shirt and a blank look? Check. Last night I worked the actual festival and I have one thing to say: CUTE BOYS WERE EVERYWHERE. Seriously. Maybe I need to turn the volume down on my ovaries, but I could not get over the massive manliness of the whole place. I was giddy my whole shift. I did some sleuthing on a guy that I met when he checked in only to discover that he is 24. Excuse me, what? You were born in 1986? Oh, dear. Does he even understand the language spoken in a John Hughes movie? He had a full mustache so I had assumed he was at least 30. Then on the bus ride home an EXTREMELY drunk man on his way to AA seemed very taken with me. He had no mustache and I would put him at 45. Apparently, I need to get a new identifier.

My mom wants me to bring back Radio Plays. “Like Fibber McGee and Molly,” she said. Hey, SXSW 2011! I can see the T-shirt already…..