As I adjust to my new life here in Austin, I am reminded occasionally of how difficult that can be. Right now, I am dealing with waiting. I had a great interview last week for a job at a place I would love to work. The last thing I was told was that they would do a background check and then I would be hearing from someone in HR. It’s now a week later and I’m still waiting to hear anything definite. Here’s the thing: maybe that’s not weird. I mean, it’s only been a week. But for the past 13 years of my life I was living in a world that was constantly mired in URGENCY and SERIOUSLYGETITDONENOW. If I didn’t hear about an audition within a week, I didn’t get the callback. Believe me. And in the case of a callback, if I didn’t hear anything by the end of the day, I probably didn’t get the job. Occasionally, I would hear about an avail or a booking a day after a callback, but that was rare.
Anyway, I’m tempted to blame what I consider to be lollygagging on slow….southern…ways, but really, I think I need to blame my anxietyriddenrushed habits more. I’m embarrassed to say that I am pretty comfortable sitting on the freeway in the middle of the day trying to get across a huge town in 25 minutes. At least on the freeway, I feel like I’m going somewhere- even if it’s just another freeway. I’m saving lots of time in traffic by living here (because you really CAN get across town in 25 minutes) but using that saved time to worry really doesn’t make too much sense. Now I’m worried that I’m worried too much. I’m not good at being sedentary. Or patient. Time to get into the car.